The truth is…

The health and fitness world has changed… and it’s never been like this before.

And, the good news is.  You can take full-advantage of these changes to have clients coming to you (rather than you having to chase them).

And thats why I’m going to walk you through the steps to starting your online personal training business in this 3-step plan…

So you know how to have:

  • A fool proof system for guaranteeing new clients.
  • Finding what separates you from all your competition.
  • How to build your following and have them coming to you.
  • The simple steps to turning your following into clients.
  • What to do if you need clients now.
  • The plan for growing a fitness business that lasts for the long-term.

All of that is a big promise… I know.

To get the full coaching session I just held with a big group of trainers, that takes you step-by-step into how to build a fitness business for more freedom and impact Click HERE.

But first, you need to break free from the “time-for-money” trap.

The traditional ‘personal training business model’ is set up around you selling your time.  And as I wrote in my book Your First 100 Clients, the quote from Tony Robbins;

“Don’t sell your time for money… It’s the worst trade in the world.”

This was the BIG mistake I was making for years.

From the outside.  I had a successful personal training business.

Firstly, I was fully booked and had multiple trainers working for my PT agency in Sydney.

Then I moved to Dubai.  Started a PT business and built up again a full-book of clients at charging a premium of up to $250 an hour.

But, the reality soon set in.  And it was that I hit the success ceiling.

There are only a certain amount of hours in the day.. and only a certain amount of personal training clients you can see per day and per week.

Which means your capped at the impact you can make, the money you can earn and the freedom you can have.

I wanted to live and travel around the world, and that couldn’t happen whilst my entire business and life was tied to me seeing clients in a gym.

The real slap in the face came when one day I was racing back from the gym along Sheikh Zayed road back to the Palm Jumeriah in Dubai where we lived to be able to give my little girl her bottle and put her to sleep.

“What the hell am I doing?”…. it came over me, and I knew I had to do something about it.

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Sooner or later any successful trainer reaches the same point I did, and wants to create a business that has a bigger impact that will also last without their time being the limiting factor.

Especially when you ask yourself:

How much longer do I keep seeing clients like this in the gym for?

Can I… or do I, want to still be doing this in 5 or 10 years time?

And, if you’re like me you want to:

  • Make more money in less time.
  • Get me out of the time-for-money trap. Where my financial success is limited by the amount of hours in the day I can see clients
  • Continue building my personal brand world-wide
  • Give me location independence as we wanted to travel and live around the world
  • Give me the freedom and lifestyle that I’ve always wanted to live
  • Build a true PT business that would give myself and my family security long-term.
  • Then I knew the answer was…

Start An Online Personal Training Business

Now having hundreds of conversations with trainers over the last few years. 

Most trainers are “stuck” in one or more of these areas (and this could be you as well):

  1. You’re not charging what your worth… You are under-charing yourself because there are other trainers at such a low cost, and you think you have to compete with them by lowering your price.
  2. You don’t know where your next clients is.  And you’re having the daily stess to have a steady flow of new leads.
  3. You don’t have a trusted way to sign on new clients.  And most likely trying multiple different things to get new clients, but not knowing whats working.
  4. You haven’t had a holiday in years… or if you did get some time away – you we’re constantly stressing about “work” and that you’re not making any money, in-fact you’re losing money by being away.

All of this was proven again just a few days ago as we had another Fitness Business Success Blueprint call (you can get free access to the live recording HERE)

With the thought that you can work from anywhere in the world, at anytime, and be able to earn more money as personal trainer online than you can ever make in the gym, you want to jump in head first.  But the reality is…

Your Doomed!

…if you follow all the main stream advice and generic BS that is out there, you’re going to crash and burn like so many other good trainers do.

This is exactly why I wanted to get up early today and give this to you.  To open up what you really need to do to start, build and own a successful online personal training business. And to avoid the mistakes that slowed me down.

[If you want the free coaching guide on all of this Click HERE.]

Rule #1:  Your Clients Results Are Number One

Reality check: This article and episode is only for serious trainers, coaches and health professionals that get results with their clients.

And, this is why I’m such a believer of being able to get clients results with face-to-face clients first before delving into the online world, where communication and delivering the needed info and coaching is harder.

So, now its just about taking your passion, expertise and experience and putting it into the system and process that delivers results.

And that means you need…

Systems To Run Your Online Personal Training Business

If you’re like me, you want to use systems to get everything running smoothly.

From how you get followers, to how you convert followers into new clients, how to deliver world-class service to clients and to keep the well oiled machine that is your business running.

You can fall straight back into wasting countless hours on email maintenance and program writing for clients if you don’t have this set up properly.

This also gives you a higher ‘effective hourly rate’ for when you are more efficient and effective…

It’s all about working smarter – not harder.

But before delving into the “how to train clients online” — its more important to understand how your online business is going to run.

…and even before you we go into the 3 important steps to your business

You must –

Know Your ‘Uniqueness’ To Stand Out In The Crowded Online Fitness World

Why would someone choose you over everyone else?

What makes you so special and unique, that you are the “go to” trainer or number one choice?

These questions are up-front and hard hitting, because if you give a half-arsed answer, your going to get half-arsed results.

This is the foundation of what you’re business is built on.

This is such an important step its a main focus in the first week of the ’90-Day Sprint’ program and why I’ve included the 6-minute exercise episode here for you:

Once you create your ‘uniqueness’ and understand what it is about your target market of clients you want to work with, knowing their deep desires, results, and the exact ‘whys’ that are holding them back…

It’s time to start and grow your online fitness business.

The 3-Steps To Your Ultimate Fitness Business

Think of your business in 3 different categories –

Attract New Clients

How are you going to build an audience?

Or, Have people coming to you, rather than you stressing each day on where your next client is coming from?

Lot’s of trainers tell me their worried about their business survival and income because the health and fitnessworld is so saturated. 

And its 100% true – it is saturated.

But, it is not competitive.

All you need to do is separate yourself from your competition and everyone else that is trying to get your clients.

This starts with you attracting the attention of your perfect clients and giving them value first.  This first step; gets them to know you actually exist in the world, and then gets them to take notice of you and to see you as the person that can give them the help and answers they need to get the results they want.

By having a defined niche, and target client that you are wanting to attract and work with.  You can truly understand their fears, problems and solutions they need.  This is where the power of content is going to give you the shortcut.

For example… Lets say that your niche market is corporate males that want to get lean.

You can quickly and easily then decide on at least 3 major pieces of content you can produce, that we call ‘pillar posts’ that will talk directly to their problems and give them an easy to use solution.

The aim here is not to just get them interested.  And to see that you have the answers to the problems they are having.

We then need to look at your content in two different parts;

Content Production and Content Distribution.

Content Production:

This is the process and system you need in place so that you are 1) producing content on a consistent basis and 2) producing high quality content.

Very few people are able to just sit down without prior thought and write a great article.  Or turn the camera on and shoot a great video.  I would much rather have a system in place that takes all the stress out of it and also gets you only working on the parts that will bring your business the best results.

To start off with we use an Editorial Calendar –  Simply a document that outlines;

The working headline of the content – so you can maximise people clicking through and consuming your content.

Date of creation – When do you have the planned time to prep, research and produce the content.

Date of publication – we like to have a library of content up our sleeve so there is no stress of having to produce something last minute to get out.

If you think you can skip putting in the small effort in having an editorial calendar. Don’t worry, I was the same.  But when I did start to use it, and now have numerous coaches using this system.  You will never go back!

Content Distribution

Now that you have created the content, you need to get as many of the ‘right’ eye balls consuming it.  Making sure that it goes to your target clients, and then they can be taking the next steps you want them to be.

This is an entire module of the coaching program, but put simply you need to know what platforms and how are you going to share your content out to maximise its effect and minimise your manual time you have to put in.

An example of this is;

  1. You shoot a 10-minute video and post it on your YouTube channel.
  2. You create a blog post on your website and embed the YouTube video into the post as well (just like what I have done here)
  3. You email your list with the link to the full video and article on your website
  4. You cut your 10min video into a 1-minute clip.
  5. You post your 1-minute clip on Facebook and in the status link to your website for the full video.
  6. You post your 1-minute clip on Instagram and in the status link to your website for the full video.

Just there you’ve started with one main piece of content and now have 4 platforms that are driving maximum exposure for you. Different people consume content on different platforms. This maximises your visibility.

You can also see how this works in real-life in THIS coaching session.

Convert – Whats the trusted process you have that signs clients on?

Marketing talk calls this a ‘sales funnel’.

Simply, its the set of steps you set up so that you can attract the right type of people, grow relationships by giving them value and be sure to give the right people the right offer to sign up with you.

We can use lead magnets, squeeze pages, email marketing software and more…  And yes, we do build up to have these systems set in place so that your online business can flourish, but –

It’s not necessary or what’s needed to get started!

Just so it makes sense as I rather see things visually as well – Here is what a template sales funnel looks like;


Let’s use Tyler as an example that is signing on $1000 per month online coaching clients within weeks of starting.

The sales funnel we have set up is just 4-simple steps:

  1. Produce high quality videos that are directly talking to his target clients, their problems and giving them real solutions they can use straight away.
  2. Drive them from the content into a free private Facebook group that he runs.
  3. Each day give even more great quality value by producing more content and helping directly the members in his private Facebook group.
  4. Produce a short video that talks about his target clients’ problems, how his coaching program solves these, who the best fit is for the program and how they can sign up.

From this they are then signing on into his coaching program!

We talking about it HERE as well.

Now, it’s time to have a trusted process that you can replicate at least 9 times out of 10.

Here is a common example that I struggled with personally for years, and now many other coaches are going through right now (this could be you):

You give a potential client 1 or 2 free training sessions, or even just a free weight loss consultation so that they can ‘taste test’ you as a coach.

Then after the part of the conversation that you feel so comfortable with because you’re just talking about how it is you are going to help them get results.  The conversation now comes to the point where you need to talk ‘sales’…

This is where your voice changes, you get nervous and you’re not to sure of what to say.  This is where we can set this up drastically different so this never happens to you again.

Instead we have a simple connect the dots conversation.  You find out whether or not this person is the right fit or not for your coaching program. If they are, you simply walk them through how it works and what it is they should expect from being your client.  And then simply walking them through how they sign up and what the next steps are from here.

And when it’s a process and a system you can trust this can be done 9 times out of 10 without any of the awkward conversations again…

Then once your client signs on, you move to…

Deliver A World Class Experience To Your Clients

This is the step most coaches spend most of their time on, but do it all wrong…

Let’s use online personal training as an example:

When someone signs on as your client, what happens next –

What do you give them?  Meal plans, workouts, skype calls?  This is where you need to truly craft what it is that your clients need to get the best, easiest and fastest results.  Not just regurgitating what others have been doing.

When do they need to be given, whatever it is that your coaching entails?    Do you need to give them everything at once all up front, or do you need to drip feed the information out into bite size pieces to help them walk the path.  When you create your program to do what’s needed on auto-pilot, you’re going to save yourself 100’s of hours per year.

When creating your online training program, you need to make sure it does 3 things:

  1. It gets the clients the best results.  You can never short-cut this, you need to deliver a truly valuable experience.
  2. It needs to minimise your manual time input. What’s the point of creating your program to be so time intensive on your behalf that you can only have a handful of clients at once putting a ceiling to your income and success.
  3. It needs to maximise profits.

You want to knock-the-socks off each client and this boils down to truely knowing how to craft a personal training program that works.

So now its time for you to…

Start Your Own Online Personal Training Business

…or build your current business to the success you want with the proven steps to build and grow and online coaching business.

Online Personal training is the way of the future… its not going to replace face-to-face training, as when I interview potential clients to coming on board my coaching and with My Body Blends, you will find some people will need the in-person coaching (so I just refer them out).

If you want to create more freedom and less hassles with your business…

Or, if you’re wanting to start your online personal training on the side to add $1000 to $2000 extra a month, that can easily be done…

Or, if you want to move to full-time, running your online business then you need to follow the steps that will get you there, avoiding the common mistakes and fast-tracking your growth.

Because if you have been thinking about this for a while, or ‘dabbled’ in starting an online business, you don’t want to waste any more time or money on not getting the clients or results.

To learn more about the steps to grow your online personal training and get going today Click HERE.