How can you STOP with the constant worrying, confusion and frustration?


If you’re feeling let down with all the diets, weight loss plans and workouts you have followed then you need to follow this.


KISS… Keep It Simple Soldier.  You don’t need to be doing hours worth of calculations to find out how many calories, fats, proteins and carbs you need to be eating.  And then only to not know how what foods, what timings and how to truly make it work for you and your metabolism.


(This focuses on one major portion of weight loss – Calories. In other articles I explain how the other big piece of the pie, being, your hormonal environment will either fast-track or stop your fat loss)


The basic formula for loosing weight is pretty simple.


Your body requires a set amount of fuel, or calories, to maintain normal function and weight. If you expend more calories in a day then you are taking in you body will turn turn its fat stores for energy. If you eat more than you use, it will store the calories into fat for later use.


This is the Calorie In vs. Calorie Out theory or Thermodynamics.  There is more to the pie, which is why below I have the perfect starting diet for you.


A lot of people falsely assume that you can alter your diet and take a miracle pill to drop a lot of weight without much effort. There are a lot of products out there that make this sort of claim and have really appealing advertising. However, the simple truth is that to really see significant weight loss, you can not just modify your diet.



You Need To Burn More Calories Than You Need For Weight Loss To Occur.


While no two people are alike, and metabolism can especially vary from person to person, you can rely on the simple science as a rule of thumb when planning your weight loss routine. For example, to maintain your body weight you will need X amount of calories. To find X and to also have the diet details put below I have a innovative method installed in for all Lean Body Life Members to use.


Despite what society as beat into a lot of people’s heads, staviing yourself is not a smart of sustainable method of loosing weight.


How To Tailor A Diet For Weight Loss Without Starving Yourself


Keeping a proper caloric intake does not mean using just any kind of calorie. Empty calories from carbohydrates and sugars are still negating to weight loss.  It takes a lot of planning and keeping a food log is imperative in mapping out your dietary success. Learn about healthy alternatives and correct proportions of carbohydrates and embrace protein and good fats HERE. (it’s to in depth for this article – and to give my professional advice, a brief suggestion won’t do you justice)


Another misconception is that all fat is bad. There are some that are really beneficial, especially those found in certain types of meat. Other favourite sources I personally use each day are Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Fish Oil and butter.


Working Out For Weight Loss Is The Next Step.


What if you could have your body prone to driving its nutrients to muscle tissue for health and metabolism boosting effects? — and not be stored in fat cells?


This is exactly why Weight Training and proper Cardio is so beneficial.  Your training is a powerful “Glucose Disposal Agent”.


I’m not going to list the endless benefits of training, as this one above is exactly why you are here — to burn off fat and to look and feel better than ever.  But lets not get ahead ourselves here — I want this to be simple for you, and to start making a change to your body from TODAY.


Start with the meal plan thats going to switch ON Fat-Burning (lipolysis) and set your hormonal environment in balance.  Meaning your not starving yourself, or battling with low-energy or cravings.


Ladies… Click Here to get your copy of the 7-day Fat Loss Diet for free


Guys… Click Here to get your copy of the 7-day Fat Loss Diet for free


P.S. Don’t wait, don’t make an excuse, or you will be in the same body with the same problems 2-months from now – still frustrated.  Take action for yourself, and start with this simple diet plan and be looking 10x better.