Are you struggling with getting started, or building your online business?


Let me bring on Corbett Barr which unveils in this episode serious nuggets of truth that is priceless to your business growth and happiness.

You DON’T need to make things harder or more complicated than needed, and you can build a very successful online business by modelling and following the proven steps that we are showing you in this episode.

Very grateful to have Corbett on this episode with me, as you will see in this episode as we showcase the success he is creating each day.

You will love this episode, as we cover so many questions and topics that are being sent through to me via email and Facebook.


0:38 Episode intro

4:07 Who is Corbett Barr?

6:58 Lifestyle business vs VC backed startup

8:40 Can you change the world while building a lifestyle business?

11:19 Quote: It’s not the attainment, it’s the journey.

13:30 Common mistakes people make

18:00 It all started on a blog

20:05 Focus and be better in one thing you do

21:20 Are you fallen for the self centered approach to content creation?

23:08 What makes a content viral

26:28 The secret formula is a myth

27:30 How do you convert followers into paying fans

30:31 The ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship

33:17 Corbett’s definition of happiness

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