Do you want to be a best-selling author?

Sell millions of copies of your book, transform the world and change lives… or is it about you transforming your business and using a great book to be a staple in you being head and shoulders above your competition, having boatloads of clients come your way because you are seen as the “go to” in your industry with your published book.

The motivation for why you want to be a best-selling author can be numerous, the insights that Taylor Pearson shares with you in this episode will have you taking the exact right steps needed to make it happen.

Even if you think you want to write a book, a fleeting thought, you should tune into this episode, we  go step by step how ‘Jesus Marketing’ can be done for you to grow a world-wide following and launch your book to the world making the biggest impact possible.



0:36 Episode intro

5:11 Who is Taylor Pearson and why is he so phenomenal

6:20 What made him write a book?

8:07 The entrepreneurial revolution

10:21 The power of apprenticeship

17:40 What Taylor didn’t know about being an author

20:09 The other keys to make book writing work

20:25 Build and engage your community

23:53 Taylor’s great learning point in writing a book

28:55 Questions that people ask Taylor

31:13 Your book as a lead generator

35:00 Final keypoint – ride the momentum

36:43 Where to find out more about Taylor


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