Confused with what you need to do to even start with wanting to write and publish a book?


I know you want to grow your following, be recognised as an authority or expert in your field, and have clients coming to you… and this is why Tucker Max shares with you some “must do” steps that can clear the confusion and make your ‘idea’ of publishing a book, to reality where you are building your business and future.

Rule number one; is that you need to deliver a great book, with worthy value… and even this first step is gong to be broken down into how you can do this, and do this quickly as Tucker showcases his “Book In A Box” method that is changing the way authors and publishing works.


0:38 Episode intro

4:30 Who is Tucker Max?

6:06 The secret to being a three-time NY Time Bestseller

8:31 Quote: Anything you do, marketing-wise will work if what you’re selling is good.

11:11 Why should you write a book?

14:26 Writing a book adds credibility

17:20 The Book in a Box service

19:47 What it takes to get your book

21:34 The bottleneck with Book in Box service

23:35 Transition vs transformation – the real Tucker Max

26:43 Why Tucker believes that MMA is important for your health

30:52 Where to find out more about Tucker max


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The Book in Box Method

Book in a Box

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