Do you wake up each morning with passion and energy… ready to jump head first in what the day has to bring you?


…Maybe you need to re-focus and bring about clarity on what really motivates you, and what your ‘why’ is.

Designing your perfect, life and lifestyle means you need to know what it is you truly want, and then you can put the tracks in place to making that happen.

Today is the perfect day for you to take charge of your future, and change the path that you are on… and this is why I want you delve into this episode today.



0:37 Intro

3:41 What this episode is about

4:21 What is success?

5:22 Quote: “Structure provides freedom”

7:32 How I enjoy my freedom

8:39 Work with the people you want

9:38 The lifestyle design I wanted

10:12 I don’t just travel, I want to live and build relationships

12:14 I want to light the fire in you!

13:03 Are you busy? Why Tim Ferris thinks being busy is a form of laziness

15:23 80/20 Sales and Marketing

17:20 Focus on what your good at and outsource the rest

18:51 Closing thoughts



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