Do you want to be attracting the ‘Rolls Royce’ of clients?


Not having any more tire kickers or time wasters, but the exact type of clients you want and able to deliver everything they need and not being ‘penny pinchers’ about it.

The growth you can have with your business if you start to offer high-ticket items such as the best coaching programs and packages that you can serve, to produce the world’s best results allows you to take your business to the next level.

I bring on John Logar which is the Mr. Miyagi when it comes to selling and delivering first class services and programs… Tune in and get ready to action from this episode I know you will love.


Show Notes:

0:39 Episode intro

4:49 Selling high ticket items

8:33 Have a high ticket item to offer

9:35 Two ways you can raise your prices

11:22 Fundamentals – find a problem that you can solve

12:08 Develop your strategy to deliver your solution

14:03 Pitch and share your idea

15:07 Validating your idea

16:20 Qualify your audience by providing tiered pricing

18:43 Coaching ROI

19:51 Bring an element of fun, surprise, and excitement

22:15 How to engineer that perception of value

25:37 Usual stumblingblocks when implementing a high ticket program

28:25 Have fun with the process of creating your program

33:01 Where to learn more about John Logar



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