Do you want to wake up each morning with new customers and clients?

Your marketing automation unveiled with the key steps to new personal training clients for your online or 1-on-1 fitness business.


…literally money in the account waiting for you, and all you did was provide the value up-front and set up the ‘engine’ that runs all day, every day.

This sounds like a “pipe dream” but this is exactly what Barry Moore and I delve into in this episode.

It doesn’t have to be rocket surgery either, as we walk you through the important steps to what you need to be setting up with your marketing and avoiding the common pitfalls that so many get caught up in.


Show Notes

0:39 Episode intro

2:03 What you’ll learn in this episode

4:59 Who is Barry Moore?

5:41 Why is automation important?

7:20 Where should you start with your automation?

8:05 Marketing automation platforms – which one should you choose?

9:43 Active Campaign – functions and features

12:44 What language should you use with your audience?

13:20 Goals and targets you should be looking at

17:20 From stranger to client

21:24 Campaigns and sequence you need to setup

25:50 Quick wins to get them back on track

27:27 How to start automating yourself out of the business?

29:29 Lead scoring and how to use it

32:50 The blank canvas

34:10 Where to learn more about Barry



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