Your most precious asset you have is your brain… and if you learn to turn up the power you can be achieving things faster, or never possible for you before.

Get more done, in less time – even get greater things achieved than ever before, all because you’re capable of doing so now.

I bring on Jesse Lawler that runs Smarts Drugs Smart to unveil truthful insights into what it actually takes to increase our brain and cognitive power.  Jesse is at the forefront soaking in the best of the best know-how from around the world when it comes to drugs, nutrition and bio hacks for getting more out of that lump on your shoulders.

This episode is a must listen to everyone, as we talk about not just smart drugs, but nutrition, supplementation and what else we can be doing to be getting more out of each day.


Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro

3:24 Who is Jesse Lawler

5:21 How to improve cognitive power and the common hurdles

8:18 Psychedelics vs smart drugs

11:27 Variability and uniqueness

14:28 Modafinil & caffeine effects

16:43 Other options and alternatives

20:01 Dealing with fatigue

22:39 The effect of diet to brain performance

26:50 Jesse’s personal diet – that works

28:05 Is your brain better on Ketones than on glucose?

30:45 Physical fitness and it’s relation to cognitive sharpness

32:26 Best type of workout

35:04 Where to learn more about Jesse



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