Want to learn from one of the best in the health and supplement industry…?

Does the thought of growing an online supplement business to well over $10 million a year sound exciting and what you might want to strive for…?


Watching Buck elegantly break apart and give the clear and east message of ‘must do’ actions and pearls of wisdom when I saw him speak at a business event only months ago, I knew I had to talk more with him, and bring him here for you.


Proving himself with the immense success he is having with his supplement company, and also teaching others what it takes, and the “what to do’s” to grow a nutraceutical and supplement company I know you are going to take a lot away with today’s episode.


Highlighting two very important points – 1 – How to achieve (ethical) financial success [especially in the supplement game] and 2 – also his Key Takeaways for growing successful business make this a goldmine of an episode.


Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro

6:50 Who is Buck Rizvi

9:00 Key components of Buck’s business

9:55 How to achieve (ethical) financial success

11:42 Key takeaways with growing a business

14:32 Three things you don’t want to go cheap on

15:04 The right process of on boarding

19:28 How to leverage customer case studies

22:53 Claims and testimonials – what’s legal and what’s not

25:36 How Buck sells and showcase his products

27:55 How to establish your brand

31:56 The story behind The Ethical Health Marketer

33:15 Takeaways with Health Profits Academy

34:55 House on fire problem

39:06 Buck’s definition of happiness

40:50 Where to learn more about Buck Rizvi

41:38 Closing words



Ethical Health Marketer

Health Profits Academy



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