Clear out the confusion when it comes to what to do, and how to grow your business…

This episode is about how you can go from a dead start to successful entrepreneur, and do it twice as fast by avoiding the mistakes, Omar and I have made.


There are key elements that we all need to use when it comes to building your following, business and income — and having you stand head and shoulders above your competition means you can’t be twiddling your thumbs and not taking the right action.

I bring on Omar for a great interview where he unveils the truths and busts the myths on how a bootstrapping entrepreneur can make it happen.


Show Notes:

0:36 Episode intro

4:29 Who is Omar?

6:21 Focus on what you’re good at

8:13 Bootstrapping entrepreneur according to Omar

10:24 The failures of a bootstrapper

14:33 Where do service based business go wrong

19:47 Hone in your message by putting out your content

22:44 Where should you get your message out?

23:50 Focus and be consistent

25:25 Why build your internet assets?

28:30 What Omar wished he knew before he started with his business

32:33 Allow time to grow your business

35:26 Omar’s definition of happiness

38:15 Where to find Omar

40:50 Closing words



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