How you can have “the best marketing strategy” to have clients by the boatload coming to you…

Having had the pleasure of knowing John and meeting him earlier this year, I am bringing this wizard of marketing and business on so we can show you the steps of what’s involved in a successful and what to avoid for a failed marketing campaign.

If you’re wanting to attract new clients, build your business and not stress over money or finances then you need to listen to this and take action!

[Update:  This is by far one of the most popular episodes of the show so far.  Be sure to share this out, and take action on what John and I cover in this episode.]


The ‘Best’ Marketing Strategy For Personal Trainers:


Show Notes:

0:35 Episode intro
4:37 Who is John Logar
7:25 How to have clarity in building your business
10:07 Why you should always be marketing
12:40 Go directly to the market
14:30 The best marketing strategy
15:38 Why you should piggyback on other people’s marketing
17:41 How to use remarketing and Facebook retargeting
19:08 Get four marketing channels
20:41 The importance of monitoring your marketing
21:02 Why you should be constantly increasing your price points
23:34 How to price your product to get 100% margin
27:52 The concept of preeminence
30:13 Why John doesn’t do proposals
32:55 Summary of John’s pitching process
34:00 Who are the most valuable people in your database
38:10 When the prospect says no
40:58 When to do your follow up
43:26 Happiness according to John
45:01 Closing words


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