Do you want to learn how to become the “authority” or the “go-to” personal trainer, or fitness business?


This is exactly what you are going to find out in this episode with James Schramko and myself.

Breaking down the myths, and opening up what things you need to focus on to build the business and lifestyle you want… building a list of raving followers, converting them to clients and growing a sustainable, lifestyle business whether its for face-to-face or online.

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Show Notes:

0:42 Episode Intro

3:21 Who is James Schramko

4:50 The concept of “Own the Race Course”

7:53 Pareto’s Law and how it applies with entrepreneurs

9:17 Figure out how you can have recurring subscriptions in your business

11:48 Position your service as package not as dollar per hour

12:44 What are your customers really after?

13:32 How to scale a consulting based business

14:53 How to bring an offline service online

15:40 Quote: The closer we get, the more complacent we get with our systems and our routines. – James Schramko

15:55 How to bring your leads in and start converting them

16:54 Trends in content and how to use it as a lead magnet

19:44 Fitness is visual. Use image marketing

21:19 Build up credibility and proof in an ethical way

24:12 How to go about structuring your week and day out

26:58 The secret to getting a good start

28:42 The most important thing to focus on to get results

28:57 Happiness according to James Schramko

29:18 Where to find James Schramko


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