“How To Build a Online Personal Training Business”… to have clients coming to you.


Let me show you how to set up and build your Online Personal Training Business… the right way


Avoid the common mistakes, focus on what “really works” and finally start seeing the results that will change your income, freedom and lifestyle.

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This episode I dig-deep into unveiling the truths and giving you the advice and actions to use from today.

This episode was done by popular demand… you ask for it – I deliver.  Comment below with what else you want to know so each week I can give you the answer you need.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
4:08 Opinions
5:28 What are your true assets online
8:30 Why you need to get your content out there
9:43 Content is still King!
11:09 Where to start
11:51 Your social media accounts is not your pllatform
13:21 Know, like and trust factor
16:32 Strategy #1 Quality content
18:09 Strategy #2 – Dedicated list building
20:44 Strategy #3 Where to put opt ins?
22:25 Strategy #4 – Be the solution
25:13 Get your minimum viable product
25:41 Strategy #6 – Create relationships
30:16 Take ACTION!