How can you set up a ‘system’ or even an ‘engine’ that runs it self, and brings you followers, fans, customers and clients?

…almost sounds to good to be true.

Setting up the frameworks, bringing in the right clients, wanting to pay top dollar, that are perfectly suited to you, get results and arnt energy vampires.

And thats exactly why I’m bringing the rockstar on himself Taki Moore to show you the insights and advice for how personal trainers and coaches are growing business that are blowing their competitors away.

I loved this episode, and know that you will take gold-nuggets of actions steps away.  I wish I had this years ago… so here you go.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
5:38 Who is Taki Moore
8:18 The most common problem coaches have with their business
9:28 Taki’s three measures of success
12:32 The mindset of practitioner vs business owner
14:00 Taki’s Marketing triangle
20:18 Key frameworks you need to get in place
24:08 Be clear about what your clients are buying
27:40 Why crossfit is good
29:21 Taki’s parting advice for coaches and trainers
31:30 The secret to Price & Deliverable
34:13 Taki’s definition of happiness
35:16 Where to find Taki
36:03 Closing words


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