Want to make sales with a click of the button? Find out how you can boost sales with these advanced email marketing strategies.

…this is why I bring on John McIntyre as he is known for writing killer emails, piecing together profits through email auto-responders and doing it without the typical ‘douche bag’ way so many “make money online” people go about it.

The power of email marketing is where you can use the know-like-trust factors to build those relationships, show empathy and connect with your audience and followers to give them what they have come to for… results.

Building a business, empire, success that leaves you respected and passing the mum test.


The Mum Test: Would your mum be proud of your actions?

Sink your teeth into this episode and comment below with what you’re going to take action on.



Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro
3:30 Who is John McIntyre?
8:08 Why your own self is your biggest enemy
13:22 How John started with email marketing
16:51 Why email marketing remains a powerful tool
19:31 The secret sauce called “EMPATHY”
22:45 Top hacks for copywriting
25:24 Action steps to get started
28:56 What is a microwave sequence
29:40 How often should send an email to your list?
32:21 Should you sell using the 80/20 principle?
36:00 John’s definition of happiness
39:57 How and where to find John
40:45 Closing words


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