Do you want world wide brand recognition, to grow a massive following of ravings fans and then easily turn those fans into customers and clients?

This is exactly why Ive brought on great friend and superb coach Rachel Guy onto the Fit Body Pro Podcast, so that we can unveil the exact steps and journey she has gone through, so you can learn from the mistakes, and fast-track your own business success.

Being able to have multiple income streams, including online personal training, group training, speaking and more… gives you power…

Power to live the lifestyle you want travel, and work on projects and with clients that you love… and thats exactly what Rachel and I want to show you



Show Notes:

0:36 Episode Intro
5:12 Who is Rachel
10:50 Common mistakes when building a career in the fitness industry
13:40 The pitfals when building an online business
15:56 Be genuinely you
18:51 The lifestyle freedom and perks of being an entrepreneur
23:22 Steps to create an online brand and business the right way
26:14 Be consistent
27:24 Self yourself first before selling your product
28:13 What to look forward to with Rachel’s programs
34:55 Rachel’s definition of happiness
36:51 Closing words


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