Your business and personal success boils down to you… You must take responsibility for your results.

Your Habits Determine Your Actions, Which Determine Your Results…

If you don’t know something – go find it out.  Need a connection with someone –  create the network to make it happen.  Need more clients – create the value and steps in place to make it happen.

What you do creates the results you get, and your habits determine what you do most of the time.

This is why Jon Nastor comes on in this episode to give you the insights for building successful entrepreneurial endeavours and enjoying the way.



Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro
4:33 Who is John Nastor?
7:08 Fears and inner battles entrepreneurs deal with
9:38 Start. Take that first step.
12:38 Habits of successful entrepreneurs
14:39 John’s new mantra
16:31 John’s typical day
19:53 How to be the most productive you
22:36 John’s family and relaxation time
29:15 Why your inner circle and influencers around you matter in what you’d like to become
31:57 John’s morning ritual
33:24 What is an entrepreneurial gap?
36:00 John’s definition of happiness
36:35 Closing words
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