Learn what steps you need to take to be an ‘Industry Leading’ trainer, earning profits from multiple streams, have a thriving online fitness business and creating jaw-dropping results with clients…

You get the insights from the best, as I bring on great friend Ryan with me for us to show you what you need to be doing – and what to avoid.

So many Personal Trainers are struggling with building their brand, business, income and it doesn’t have to be.  Learn from others mistakes and success’s and thats why I bring these episodes to you, and why I know Ryan was a prefect fir for this episode

(An Absolute Must Listen)



Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro
6:05 Who is Ryan and why he’s so phenomenal
8:55 Ryan’s heaviest good morning
15:57 Why you should create a back up plan and multiple revenue stream
19:52 The winning formula
20:26 The Science and practice polarity
21:24 Why Ryan thinks you should get those videos
25:49 Give credit where credit is due
29:23 Ryan’s mentorship strategy
32:37 Ryan’s definition of happiness
33:52 Ryan’s words of wisdom
38:26 Final words


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