Clients flowing into your business, followers – fans and your email list growing by the 1000s and how you can build a business that doesn’t need you laving in it…

This is what this episode is all about.

Uncovering the truths about what “really” works and what common mistakes you need to avoid

Myself and Hayden Wilson jump on to unveil what we see working with our clients and with the 1000s of trainers we see hustling for success, and what is proving to be a waste of time and a shortcut to frustration.

Frustration through not seeing your business grow – struggling to get new clients – struggling to earn the money you want and gain the authority needed to succeed.  Listen to this episode and be sure to strap yourself in, as we are throwing the truths and action tips for you to use today.



Show Notes:

0:38 Episode intro
4:39 Who is Hayden Wilson
6:00 Where do trainers go wrong?
8:04 Check out Hayden’s podcast – The PT Profit Podcast
10:14 The principle of Give, Take and Ask
12:02 Why give away your content?
15:14 The ins and outs of lead generation
17:11 Setting expectations
23:06 Build a McDonald’s mentality
24:09 The right documents you need to have
27:51 Do’s and dont’s of building a business
31:02 Why you should invest in learning
36:11 Hayden’s definition of happiness
39:00 Where to find Hayden


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