The POWER of video in your marketing has now become a “Must Do” in your Fitness Business…

…I believe that if your not using video, and connecting with your audience, customers and clients through video – you are missing out and leaving money on the table.

My mission to deliver to you is the worlds best insights, advice and steps to get you the business, income, freedom and lifestyle you want — exactly why I bring on with me in this episode Ryan Spanger.  An absolute genius when it comes to producing and using video to the best ability possible for your business growth.

Listen to this episode to the end and make sure to be taking notes and you are going to want to use every last drip Ryan and I have for you here.



Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
5:26 Let’s get to know who Ryan Spanger is
7:15 Start building relationships
9:47 Four types of videos and what you should be your first priority
12:09 Quote: People will forgive average production values if you can give them really good content.
14:32 Ryan’s tips when putting up case study videos
18:39 How to create an effective content plan
21:31 Ryan’s views on having an editorial calendar
26:40 What holds people back to start and put these insights into action
28:20 Gears to get you started with video marketing
36:15 When should you bring a professional video guy
38:22 Ryan’s definition of happiness
39:40 Where to find Ryan
40:28 Closing words

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