Create a “flow” of new clients by using the right fitness business marketing… that’s easy and quick

You are in a VERY saturated industry, market and with plenty of competition… fighting for clients… BUT if you step aside and stop trying to do all the crappy and time-wasting things the other trainers and coaches are doing you are going to stand head and shoulders above them all


You blow your competition away by becoming the ‘go to’ trainer, always on top of your potential client, follower and markets mind.

Giving them exactly what they want… showcasing that you are the ‘ducks guts’ and know your stuff. And then with a few simple steps – in come the flow of new clients.

I bring on Tim Reid with me which is doing a top-notch job in using Helpful Marketing and we delve deep into how Personal Trainers, Coaches and Consultants can use this to your massive advantage.


Show Notes:

0:37 Episode intro
5:10 Who is Tim Reid?
6:24 Three limiting beliefs that hinders great marketing?
8:24 How to put your personality in your marketing
12:07 Tim’s spin on helpful marketing
13:13 The opposite of helpful marketing
16:25 Why you shouldn’t expect quick results with helpful marketing
17:02 How to get your content out in the world?
19:40 Efficient vs effective
20:03 What gives you the biggest bang for your buck?
22:12 Business building idea for a fitness trainer
24:58 Where to find Tim
25:43 Closing words


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