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The #ASKTHEPRO podcast show is here to give you the answers…
I am here to give you the number 1 resource, your go-to guide, your playbook for turning you and the business you run from an amateur,  into an authority, a leader, and become a pro at achieving the greatness, achieving the success, achieving the business and personal lifestyle you only dare to dream.
For Personal Trainers To:
  • Grow ‘real’ business and escape the time-for-money trap
  • Learn how to use marketing “the right way”
  • Avoid the mistakes that plague so many trainers to ‘mediocre’ lives
  • To show you how to build a business that gives you what you want……to reap the rewards of a business that gives you freedom and lifestyle.

This is about turning up each day and making it happen. I give you what you want. The internet marketing tactics… the strategies that the world’s best use to boom their business and that you can use.

The sales funnels and systems that turn your business into an engine that cranks sale profits – and brings you boat loads of traffic – then knowing how to convert that traffic into quality clients that happily pay a premium for you and your products — but  you need to become a better you – truly learning from the best in the world into how to structure yourself, your days, your business – becoming productive, and learning to take only the right opportunities.

Become the fitness entrepreneur that you want to be, and stop being confused with what to do to create the success you want.
This is about being the best.  The best in your industry and the best in the market.  To give you the power to live the lifestyle you want, and postivly impact your customers and clients.
The business secret that so many have forgotten and that is to give so much value and to solve the problems your customers and clients are having that you are the no brainer decision to go to – to buy from and to keep buying from.

So many times when presenting courses, lectures and internships to personal trainers and business owners I ask them… 

“Do you own a business?”, they say yes, put their hand all confident – then i ask, do you only earn money only when you rock up to the gym or your business – their hands drop – they think that because they have a business card, they have a logo, even a website that their business owners — this is a time for money situation, many times no better than being an employee because you wear all the risk, but yet don’t have the reward – if this is true, you own a job, not a business.  to me a business is a means to have you solve people problems, give extraordinary amounts of value, being able to over deliver day in day out, and to give you the owner the freedom to live a life – reap the rewards of great amounts of profit, because you deserve it


THIS IS NOT THEORY BASED – it’s using case studies, real people, with real business and life problems, as myself and the guest i bring on show you how we have them create massive changes – so you can use this is your private coaching to make it happen for yourself.
You get access to the interview with the worlds best minds when it comes to building your business success.  Plus I will deep dive into the topics and questions you ask, so you get the answers you need.


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